I love talking about agile software development, UX, IA, social media, communication, technical debt, and the failures and journeys of childhood.

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Web Design Day – June 24, 2016
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World IA Day Pittsburgh
Closing Panel (video) 02.20.16

Pittsburgh Agile
Sir Gawain and the Secret Stakeholder (slides) 12.17.14

Podcamp Pittsburgh 9
Social Media in the Media (moderator; video) 11.22.14

Podcamp Pittsburgh 9
Pitching Your Podcast (video) 11.23.14

Creative Mornings Pittsburgh
Failure (video) 08.08.14

User Experience Designers Pittsburgh
Designing with Delight (Despite the System) (slides) 12.10.13

University of Pittsburgh Panther Leadership Summit
Project Management in the Real World (slides) 02.23.13